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As 2014 draws to a close I thought it might be a good time to say what you can look forward to on the podcast in 2015. The big event, if all goes well, will be the launch of the sister podcast on classical Indian philosophy, written together with Jonardon Ganeri. That will have a separate RSS feed so you'll have to subscribe separately, but the episodes will appear here on the site of course. I will make announcements when they start to appear. My plan is to post them and new podcasts on the European tradition in alternating weeks, probably starting after the usual summer break (i.e. around the beginning or middle of September depending on my summer plans).

My projected episode list on medieval philosophy is quite long, so I hope listeners are enjoying this series so far. The episodes on early medieval philosophy will go up to about episode 219 and feature extensive coverage of Peter Abelard, as well as figures like Hildegard of Bingen, John Salisbury, and Hugh of St Victor (I just wrote the episode on the Victorines today in fact). The rest of the medieval episodes are going to be divided into sub-series on the 13th and 14th centuries. Given that I'll go slower once Indian philosophy is rolling I will certainly still be going through medieval thought for all of 2015. I already have some great interviews recorded for this material, and am looking forward to some obvious topics (Aquinas, Scotus, Ockham) but also some less obvious things, including planned thematic episodes on poverty, gender/sexuality, and just war theory. Dante should also be a highlight since I have loved the Divine Comedy since I was an undergraduate.

As always please get in touch with any comments or questions, I really value the opportunity to interact with audience members.

Johannes on 30 December 2014

Hi Peter Adamson,

Hi Peter Adamson,
that sounds very promising. Indeed, I enjoy your podcast and the new episodes very much. Please don't neglect mentioning Hiawatha, Buster Keaton, imaginary sisters and bring on some new puns. ;)
Best, Johannes

Guido Blondelle on 30 December 2014

Really thrilled by your plans

Really thrilled by your plans! I often miss Indian and Chinese philosophical viewpoints in our philosophical discussions, so I like this very much. Your medieval plans are also much appreciated, as The Divina Commedia is the only book I read 7 times. Keep on the good work, Peter, and I wish you a happy new year from Tenerife! Guido

Lewis LaMaster on 31 December 2014

Off work for six weeks with a

Off work for six weeks with a bum leg, love to hear the new project :-)

Lennard on 2 January 2015

This sound super good. I want

This sound super good. I want to thank you for providing your content with so much care and free of charge. Thank god the history of philosophy is such an extensive field so we have a lot more to look forward to. You are a hero of the internet!

Matt on 12 February 2015

Love the podcast and

Love the podcast and incredibly excited about upcoming work on Indian philsophy. Please be sure to include the philsophical contributions of South India - most notably the Sangam tradition of Madurai.

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