62. Kit Patrick on Philosophy and Indian History

Posted on 18 March 2018

The host of the History of India podcast joins us for the final episode on India.


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Karl Young 27 March 2018


Just curious re. whether there are any plans on turning the History of Philosophy in India into book form similar to the other series. I’m currently trying to make it through the great content in both series simultaneously (and perhaps damaging my feeble brain in the process !). I know I’m only retaining some minimal fraction of the content and would love to have some good old fashioned brain augmenting ink, similar to the other excellent transcriptions, available to refer to. Gratefully,

— KY

Deep Bhatnagar 28 July 2018

I am interested in exploring this topic further & i would like to know your perspective. Can you do a podcast explaining the historicity about it ?


I created the above thread make sometime to look into it.

Peter Adamson 28 July 2018

In reply to by Deep Bhatnagar

Well, we do touch on this in the early episodes of this series. We wrapped up the India series with this episode so I am not expecting to add any more on India for quite a while, though at some point we might return to do later Indian philosophy.

Deep Bhatnagar 25 August 2018

In reply to by Peter Adamson

Yes i know that India series is wrapped up but i just wanted to share the post about Caste since i hope that there would be a whole subject about it using the mention of terms from different religious texts {Hindu, Buddhist & Jains} by various authors & the divergent ideas which were merged to create idea of caste.

Thanks for the fantastic work for creating this treasure of a site.

dukeofethereal 25 February 2019

Congrats Professor for completing Ancient India, do you mind completing the timeline of its section by hyperlinking it with their episodes such as Dignaga, Umāsvati, Buddhaghosa such as what you did with Medieval, Late Antiquity  and Islamic Philosophers?

Aditya 8 October 2021

 I guess there were certain inaccuracies in the issues regarding caste abd woman. The caste and gender inequality was a reality in the mauryan and guptan era, but it was certainly not same as that in 18th century, i suppose the explaination comes from the assumption that indian socirty is stagnant for about 2 millenia. I think there were some inaccuracy when it comes to philosophy too but anyway overall the 62 episodes were really great, i guess this is the first time i have ever seen someone creating extensive content on indian philosophy, i hope you also make a series on medivial india. Overall the podcast is worth a million dollar which is given as free to audience.

Peter Adamson 8 October 2021

In reply to by Aditya

Glad you liked the series in general - I'm surprised by what you say about caste and gender, because I don't think we even touched on these issues and how they developed after the ancient period of Indian history - so, having said nothing about it at all, I don't know how we could have said anything inaccurate. (Or maybe I am forgetting a comment made by a guest in an interview?) Of course there were complex developments after that but we didn't get into these; I mean, just to start, the impact of the coming of Islam to India would have been massive. I also would like to cover the rest of the story of Indian philosophy in a future series!

Aditya 8 October 2021

In reply to by Peter Adamson

Well overall caste was a just a passing reference where it was used in any episode (i was referring to that when i talked about caste), e.g there was comment made on the education topic in different universities like in nalanda, vikramshila etc. I guess the guest was not sure himself he said buddhist universities would have allowed education to other castes, maybe the hindu universities wouldn't have (not the exact quote), this was my point. Nothing much. And ofcourse the bigger topic was philosophy on the podcast which i really enjoyed 

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