73. Vanessa Wills on Africana Marxism

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Vanessa Wills speaks  to us about Marx and his Africana legacy, with a special focus on black women Marxists.



Further Reading

• V. Wills, What Could It Mean to Say, 'Capitalism Causes Sexism and Racism'?" Philosophical Topics 46 (2018),  229-46.

• V. Wills, “‘Man is the Highest Being for Man’: Marx’s Radical Irreligion,” in G. Oppy (ed.), The Blackwell Companion to Atheism and Philosophy (Malden: 2019).

• V. Wills, "Revolutionary Admiration" in A. Archer and A. Grahle (eds), The Moral Psychology of Admiration (London: 2019).

Interview with Vanessa Wills on the Unmute Podcast



WG on 26 November 2023

Very interesting interview!…

Very interesting interview! The Unmute podcast link seems to be broken.

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Vanessa Wills

Africana Philosophy in the Twentieth Century

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