438. Don't Give Up Pope: Catholic Reformation

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How the Counter-Reformation or Catholic Reformation created a context for philosophy among Catholics, especially in Spain, Portugal, and Italy.



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See also the general bibliography for this series.


Paschal Scotti on 4 February 2024

A very good episode on a…

A very good episode on a very complex and difficult topic. O'Malley, mentioned in the bibliography, prefers "Early Modern" which, while it escapes from some problems, creates others. It is remarkably bland, saying nothing, and modernity should rather begin in the eighteenth century not the sixteenth. I really look forward to this part of the series. Even secular university presses are publishing a great deal in this area. Perhaps the Protestant Reformation has just been used up and there is more virgin territory here.    

Michael Traynor on 19 February 2024

Monty Python

Given the nod to Monty Python, just once I'd like to hear the introduction include '... with the support of the Philosophy Department of the University of Wooloomooloo, ...'



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