35. Ujjwala Jha and V.N. Jha on Nyāya

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The First Family of Indian Epistemology joins us to discuss the theories and later influence of the Nyāya school.



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Centre of Advanced Study in Sanskrit at the University of Pune


Sid on 24 December 2020

More India when?

when are you going to move ahead of 6th century , i recently learned about the philosophical debates after 10th century and the development of Nyaya-Nyaya(Neo-Nyaya) School of Logic and it's advancements in the field of set theory and infinite regress, they also were able to refute the "Gettier" Problems given to them by Srihasa . the Neo-Nyaya also broke into two schools one of which is still active inside Varanasi Sanskrit UNIVERSITY.

In reply to by Sid

Peter Adamson on 25 December 2020

More India

Yes I definitely hope to pick up the story of India and carry on until even the 20th century. But I'm afraid that will be a while, at the very least we need to finish Africana and then I will be doing classical China with Karyn Lai. So, at the earliest after that, hence we are talking about at least 4-5 years from now!

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