213. On the Shoulders of Giants: Philosophy at Chartres

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The controversial role of Chartres in the philosophical Renaissance of the twelfth century.



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T. Franke on 1 March 2015

Useful pages about the Chartrians

Let me point to some helpful pages about the "School" of Chartres:

- A perfect overview over the Chartrians on the University of Notre Dame page.

- Manuscripts of the Chartrians.

- An acceptable video showing the figures at Chartres cathedreal step-by-step.

I learned on the Notre Dame page that the Heptateuchon of Thierry of Chartres is still unedited, and really: Nothing to find. What a pity! Since it is based on Martianus Capella's work which I studied recently I am really curious how Thierry of Chartres handled the geographical problems in the introduction of Plato's Timaeus (aka "Atlantis").

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