248. Scott MacDonald on Aquinas

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Scott MacDonald joins Peter to discuss Thomas Aquinas' views on human knowledge.



Further Reading

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Prof MacDonald’s webpage


Mark Edelsten on 11 March 2016

Thank you

This series of podcasts is quite extraordinary and has clearly involved an enormous amount of intellectual effort.  I am full of admiration.  Thank you so much.

Declan Foley on 13 March 2016


I like the thoughts on Revelation

Fr. John Ricke… on 22 March 2023

Universality and particularity of forms

Another great episode!  As always, thanks.


The way I prefer to think of the Thomistic understanding of form is in terms of Object Oriented Programming: a form is a "virtual abstract class."  It has a definition but no realization; individuals are instantiations of the class.


I could be wrong, maybe quite wrong.  But I am surprised by the consonance I see of OOP with Aristotle and St. Thomas.

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