136 - Farhad Daftary on the Ismā'īlīs

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Peter is joined by Farhad Daftary, a leading expert on the Shiite group known as the Ismā'īlīs.



Further Reading

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Nasir Karim Musafir on 23 September 2013

Thanks to the Programme Owners, interviewer and the very respect

Farhad Daftary deserves my hearty commendations and appreciation, as a believer in Ismaili-Islam and a formal community-teacher and a student of Ismaili thought and history, for his clarity of thought and the grounded research, as he speaks with ease in that light, on the subject in the Programme.

shaban on 18 December 2014

Sir Farhad Daftari,

Sir Farhad Daftari,
Thank you so much for enlightening us. Keep guiding us dear sir, we youth really need your endorsments..

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