Locating and Debating Precolonial African Philosophy

The first group of episodes on Africana philosophy really does begin at the very beginning, as we consider the hypothesis that philosophy is a universal human activity and was already present in prehistoric Africa. From there we move on to the philosophical texts of ancient Egypt, focusing on works of ethical instruction and dialogue, and then to precolonial philosophical texts from Ethiopia and Islamic intellectual traditions in sub-Saharan Africa. Our focus turns after that to attempts to delineate philosophical ideas in African oral traditions and the debate sparked by these attempts. What can we learn and what should we say about traditional African ideas concerning time, God, or the human person?

Look out for interviews with Souleymane Bachir Diagne, Samuel Imbo, Teodros Kiros, Kai Kresse, Nkiru Nzegwu, Richard Parkinson, and co-host Chike Jeffers!

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1. Something Old, Something New: Introducing Africana Philosophy

Posted on

We kick off the new series by explaining the scope and meaning of "Africana philosophy."

2. It’s Only Human: Philosophy in Prehistoric Africa

Posted on

Might philosophy be as old as humankind as we know it? We investigate the implications of findings concerning the origins of humankind in Africa.

3. Fertile Ground: Philosophy in Ancient Mesopotamia

Posted on

Do the cuneiform writings of Babylonian culture show that it had its own philosophy?

4. Pyramid Schemes: Philosophy in Ancient Egypt

Posted on

Ancient Egyptian figures and writings including the Pyramid Texts, Imhotep, and the "first monotheist" Akhenaten reflect on the nature of things and questions of morality.

5. Father Knows Best: Moral and Political Philosophy in the Instructions

Posted on

Ethical reflection in ancient Egyptian grave inscriptions and in works of moral advice, such as the Maxims of Ptahhotep and the Instructions named for Amenemope, Ani, and Merikare.

6. Heated Exchanges: Philosophy in Egyptian Narratives and Dialogues

Posted on

Demands for ma’at (justice or truth) and a confrontation with the soul, in the Tale of the Eloquent Peasant and Dispute Between a Man and his Ba.

7. Richard Parkinson on Egyptian Poetry

Posted on

Egyptologist Richard Parkinson joins us to talk about the context and meaning of the Eloquent Peasant and other literary works of ancient Egypt.

8. Solomon, Socrates, and Other Sages: Early Ethiopian Philosophy

Posted on

Translations of religious and philosophical texts into Ge’ez, a national epic called the Kebra Nagast, and other developments in the story of philosophy in Ethiopia.

9. In You I Take Shelter: Zera Yacob

Posted on

The 17th century Ethiopian rationalist Zera Yacob, hailed as the first modern Africana philosopher.

10. Think for Yourself: Walda Heywat

Posted on

Walda Heywat’s reaction to the thought of his teacher Zera Yacob, and the dispute over the authenticity of these two Ethiopian philosophers.

11. Teodros Kiros on Ethiopian Philosophy

Posted on

Teodros Kiros discusses his work in political philosophy and the history of Ethiopian philosophical thought.

12. From Here to Timbuktu: Subsaharan Islamic Philosophy

Posted on

The spread of Islamic scholarship in subsaharan Africa, focusing on intellectuals of the Songhay empire around the Niger River in the 15th-17th centuries.

13. Renewing the Faith: the Sokoto Caliphate

Posted on

Uthman Dan Fodio and his family were scholars, poets, and warriors whose jihad in 19th century Nigeria created the Sokoto Caliphate.

14. Souleymane Bachir Diagne on Islam in Africa

Posted on

Peter speaks to Souleymane Bachir Diagne about Islamic scholars in West Africa.

15. Heard it Through the Grapevine: Oral Philosophy in Africa

Posted on

An introduction to the “ethnophilosophy” approach inaugurated by Placide Tempels, its promises and potential pitfalls.

16. Samuel Imbo on Okot p'Bitek and Oral Traditions

Posted on

A conversation with Sam Imbo on approaching oral traditions as philosophy and the Ugandan thinker and poet Okot p'Bitek.

17. Event Horizon: African Philosophy of Time

Posted on

John Mbiti’s influential and controversial claim that traditional Africans experience time as having “a long past, a present, and virtually no future.”

18. One to Rule Them All: God in African Philosophy

Posted on

Is traditional African religion in some sense monotheist, despite the worship of many divinities?

19. Behind the Mask: African Philosophy of the Person

Posted on

Traditional African ideas about personhood, which challenge assumptions about the relation between mind and body, self and other.

20. I Am Because We Are: Communalism in African Ethics and Politics

Posted on

Emphasis on the value of community as a major theme in African philosophy.

21. The Doctor Will See You Now: Divination, Witchcraft, and Knowledge

Posted on

Special forms of knowledge and the explanation of misfortunes in African tradition.

22. Women Have No Tribe: Gender in African Tradition

Posted on

What archeology, ethnography, and philosophical interpretation tell us about the diverse and often ambiguous roles of men and women in traditional African societies.

23. Nkiru Nzegwu on Gender in African Tradition

Posted on

An interview with Nkiru Nzegwu on matriarchy, sexuality, and gender fluidity in Africa (with a quick chat at the end about her work on African art).

24. Professionally Speaking: The Reaction Against Ethnophilosophy

Posted on

Paulin Hountondji (pictured) and other African philosophers criticize ethnophilosophy and advocate a universalist approach.

25. Wise Guys: Sage Philosophy

Posted on

Henry Odera Oruka’s new method for exploring philosophy in Africa, based on interviews with wise individuals.

26. Kai Kresse on the Anthropology of Philosophy

Posted on

An interview with Kai Kresse (pictured here with Ustadh Mahmoud Mau) who discusses his efforts to do "anthropology of philosophy" on the Swahili Coast.

27. Beyond the Reaction: The Continuing Relevance of Precolonial Traditions

Posted on

As the twentieth century draws to a close, the critique of ethnophilosophy gives way to approaches that continue to privilege the study of precolonial traditions, including the approach promoted by Kwasi Wiredu (pictured). 

Note: we dedicate this episode to the memory of Kwame Gyekye, who passed away earlier this month.

28. Chike Jeffers on Precolonial African Philosophy

Posted on

Co-host Chike Jeffers and Peter chat about the themes and questions raised by the podcast so far.