54. Wilson Moses on the Roots of Black Nationalism

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Wilson Moses speaks to us about his research into early black nationalism, with reference to Crummell, Douglass, and others.



Further Reading

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TB on 17 July 2020

My favorite episodes are the

My favorite episodes are the interviews (I feel like your interviewing is an underappreciated skill?  It is refreshing to have an interviewer who really dives in deep like you do)  I wish this one was twice as long, at least.  Fascinating.  I'm gonna look for some of Wilson Moses' books.

In reply to by TB

Peter Adamson on 17 July 2020


Thanks, glad you enjoyed this! I get the impression that some listeners prefer scripted episodes, and some prefer interviews, which is itself a reason to have the mix. (Also having both makes the series more varied.)

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