355. Town and Gown: Italian Universities

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The blurry line dividing humanism and scholastic university culture in the Italian Renaissance.



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Alexander Johnson on 13 September 2020

Summary Blurb

The summary blurb is just a sentence subject and has no predicate.  Maybe rewrite it as "The line dividing humanism and scholasticism is blurry in university culture in the Italian Renaissance." or something like that.

In reply to by Alexander Johnson

Peter Adamson on 14 September 2020

Where is the verb?

Thanks for paying such close attention! But actually if you look back through the summary blurbs you'll see that I often construct them this way: I am not going for full sentences but just identifying the topic. (Part of the reason is that it is also what I put as the "description" on the RSS feed so I am shooting for maximal economy of characters, to help readers see what the podcast is about at a glance.)

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