117. Spear of the Nation: Nelson Mandela and the ANC

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The career and ideas of Nelson Mandela up to the time of his imprisonment, in the context of the founding of the African National Congress.



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Liam on 21 March 2023


Hi, I'm an avid listener to this podcast and I've loved the material so far! Keep up the awesome work! I'm also a South African and as such I would love to see an episode spent discussing Ubuntu as it sets a lot of Struggle figures and theories well within their uniquely (South) African context. It is also an important part of the Rainbow nation so I would love to see it explored in the same way as the Kwame Nkrumah episodes. It is also an interesting meta-ethical theory in in own right. 

In reply to by Liam

Peter Adamson on 21 March 2023


Thanks, glad you are enjoying this series! We actually talked about this to some extent already in episode 20 on Communalism, if memory serves.

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