439. Cancel Culture: The Inquisition

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How religious persecution and censorship shaped the context of philosophy in Catholic Europe in the sixteenth century.



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John spalding on 22 February 2024

Cancel Culture

On this subject, would you ever consider doing a live episode?

I'm sure a lot of people would like to attend.

(Not suggesting History of Philosopy merch.-tee shirts, baseball caps etc,)


In reply to by John spalding

Peter Adamson on 22 February 2024

Live episode

So you mean, something like an online Zoom session where the topic is discussed and people can ask questions? I actually did something pretty much just like that last month, on the related topic of plagiarism, which is recorded and viewable here: 


In reply to by Peter Adamson

John Spalding on 24 February 2024

Cancel culture

Would work when you reach the Harry Kanes of philosophy (Kant, Hume , Descartes, etc).  Doubtful for Sky Bet 2 League ones, like John Dee.

dukeofethereal on 5 March 2024

How many interviews do you plan on making ?

How many interviews do you plan on for this series on Catholic reformation and who is the first interviewee we're getting? 

In reply to by dukeofethereal

Peter Adamson on 6 March 2024


I haven't put that in the series overview yet since I still have to line up some of the guests; the first is going to be Scott Williams on using philosophy of disability as a framework to approach the New World debate. And I already have recorded Tom Pink on Suarez. But in general it will be pretty standard, like one interview every 5-6 episodes. 

In reply to by Peter Adamson

Peter Adamson on 12 March 2024


Just to say that I have now arranged for enough interviews for this series so have added the list to the series description.

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