316. Just Measures: Law, Money, and War in Byzantium

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Legal and economic thought in Byzantium: the sources of the law’s authority, the relation of church and civil law, just price, and just war.



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Justin Vidanes on 15 January 2019

always enjoyed the show

St.  Augustine,  Thomas Aquinas, and King Justinian.  It became an obsession of mine.  I learned the nonviolence and civil disobedience by Thoreau,  Leo Tolstoy,  Gandhi, and MLK jr.  I've been looking into satygraha (truth-seeking).  Personally I've been against neccessary evil, butI've learned not everything is easy.  There's the if told to go a mile take two said by Jesus.  


I've taken into a lot of what you teach to heart. 


My name has been something beautiful in the making. Justin comes from Just ad bellum.  Henry means "home rule."  Pendon means slut or slave in Spanish, very related to the trials of Salem.  And Vidanes is knowledge related to the Vedic and the Druvid traditions.  I hope to meet you one day.  I've decided to pursue my dream of being an Intelligent officer,  to commerate  the late great Allan Pinkerton.  He was Anti-Catholic and he was my hero as a Catholic boy trying to understand the complex relations in America.  It's been a wonderful existential journey.  Pinkerton used a lot of usary theology.  Your words are always a blessing.  

The only war to end all wars in nonviolence of the mental battle.  Honestly,  I gave up trying to become Pope, once I found out that The Catholic Church gave a crown of thorns to the Confederate Jefferson Davis.  The First Filipino flag was the KKK (representing the Holy Trinity).  It's funny  because of the know-nothings party, anti-Catholic leaning and the American will to hate Catholicism.  I've had to psychology admit to 'forgetting.'  Thanks for always taking the time to demonstrate that knowledge is important. 

As a Pendon we are the ah huyl bayt taught to forget in both Spanish and U.S. America.  I can finally admit my mistakes.  thank you so much.  From the Asian Arigatou (thank you) to the Portuguese Obrigado.  thanks for helping forge my "sword of healing." (MLK Jr.)



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