110 - Life and Time: Augustine's Confessions

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Augustine’s life story is related in the Confessions, a work that combines autobiography, theology, and metaphysical discussions of the nature of time.



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Thomas Mirus on 25 February 2015

I enjoyed all the Miles Davis

I enjoyed all the Miles Davis puns in this one... also, I've been working on my funk rhythms and an earlier episode reminded me to pick up In the Jungle Groove, which I've been listening to for the past few days.

In reply to by Thomas Mirus

Peter Adamson on 25 February 2015

In the Jungle Groove

What a great album! And you have to (perversely) admire James' brass in presenting himself as someone oppressed by women in the opening track.

In reply to by Peter Adamson

Thomas Mirus on 1 March 2015

Right, but it does go both

Right, but it does go both ways, since in the lyrics he warns women:

Sister, when you love your man, be careful how you tell him that
He will put you back in a corner and use you like a Sunday hat

(Probably my favorite James Brown lyric so far, just because I like the Sunday hat metaphor.)

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