99. American Nightmare: Malcolm X

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The life and career of Malcolm X up to 1963, with a focus on his separatist black nationalism and his critique of non-violent protest.



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Interview at the University of Berkeley, 1963

Appearance on Chicago’s “City Desk” program, 1963


Bill Schaffer on 9 May 2022

these episodes not showing on spotify

thought you should know this new series on Africana philosophy is not showing up on your Spotify. Almodt missed it.

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Peter Adamson on 9 May 2022

Africana philosophy

They are on there, it's just that it is a separate feed (the same feed as the episodes on classical India). If you search for "Africana philosophy" on Spotify it will show up, I just tried it to be sure.

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Bill Schaffer on 10 May 2022

Indian and Africana

yes, found under the above title. Maybe there could be  link between the two?

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