329. Greeks Bearing Gifts: Byzantine Scholars in Italy

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Bessarion and George Trapenzuntius, rival scholars from the Greek east who helped inspire the Italian Renaissance.



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Thanks to Okihito Utamura for his advice on this episode!


Finkewitz on 19 July 2019

Concerning this episode

I just wanted to say that I enjoyed this episode very much. And I think  this is also an important episode about the role of byzantine intellectuals in Renaissance Italy (and their influence)! 


Just a short remark: Another book about Bessarion which could be mentioned in the bibliography is this one:

"Longin: von Bessarion zu Boileau: Wirkungsmomente der Schrift über das Erhabene in der frühen Neuzeit" (author: Klaus Ley, published: 2013)

I can recommend this (german)  book in this context here. 

In reply to by Finkewitz

Peter Adamson on 19 July 2019

Das Erhabene

Thanks for the interesting reference, I have not seen that book but it sounds worth checking out! As it happens I have just been doing a seminar on the Life of Plotinus by Porphyry, here in Munich, and Longinus comes up quite a lot there (thoguh I gather he didn't really write this text 'On the Sublime').

Glad you liked the episode.

In reply to by Peter Adamson

Finkewitz on 20 July 2019

Renaissance platonism

 I think so too. You should check it out. It's worth reading it! Everybody who is interested in the Italian Renaissance should read it in my opinion.

Another book from the same author is :

"Die Wiederkehr des Sublimen. Die Kontroverse um Platon und die Kunst der Rede nach 1453: zur Grundlegung des Programms künstlerischer Erneuerung der römischen Basilika <SS. XII Apostoli> "  

(Klaus Ley, 2015)

Longinus is also a subject of this book.  I think Plotinus was not a great fan of Longinus, if i remember it right. You can find this somewhere in Porphyrios  Plotinus biography. In my opinion the author Klaus Ley has a good knowledge of Neoplatonism in the age of the Renaissance.



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