142. Final Chat with Chike Jeffers

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How Africana philosophy looked to a young Chike Jeffers, coming into the field in the early 21st century.



Further Reading

• C. Jeffers, “Strategies of Organization: Paget Henry and Traditional African Philosophy,” in M.P. Banchetti-Robino and C.R. Headley (eds.), Shifting the Geography of Reason: Gender, Science and Religion (Newcastle-upon-Tyne: 2006).

• C. Jeffers, The Black Gift: Cultural Nationalism and Cosmopolitanism in Africana Philosophy (doctoral dissertation, Northwestern University, 2010).

• S.B. Diagne, African Art as Philosophy: Senghor, Bergson, and the Idea of Negritude, trans. C. Jeffers, new edition (New York: 2023).


Erik Helgesen on 25 February 2024

Going to miss this series.

Going to miss this series.

In reply to by Erik Helgesen

Chike Jeffers on 26 February 2024

Very glad that you found it useful!

I'm thankful to all listeners for their support.

Chike Jeffers on 26 February 2024


It's intrinsic vs. extrinsic, not "internal vs. external" (re the contrast Appiah drew, discussed shortly after the 27 minute mark). Also I said "Charles Houston" when I meant to say "Charles Hamilton" (43:09).

Daniel on 1 March 2024

Thank you

Thank you Peter and Chike for a great series on Africana philosophy that introduced me to a whole new field of topics and authors I wasn't very much aware of! Looking forward to the series on China! 

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Peter Adamson on 2 March 2024

Africana series

Thanks, so glad you enjoyed it! 

Karl Young on 4 March 2024

more thanks

Just wanted to jump on the bandwagon and thank you two for a great series on important material that would otherwise be hard to piece together (and for getting in a mention of Sun Ra !). And given my age and analog preferences, I’m happy that there will eventually be book versions to help recall the topics (at least in principle, i.e. given OUP’s schedule for getting out the paperback versions, I may not actually live to see that ! :-)).

In reply to by Karl Young

Peter Adamson on 4 March 2024

Book versions

Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed the series! We will try to get those books out as fast as possible; actually you're reminding me that I should ask about the paperback version of Renaissance and Byzantine philosophy.

Matthew on 9 March 2024

Many Thanks

The impact of what you, Peter and Chike, have done in this podcast series can't be understated. I imagine I speak for a lot of people when I say that the series was my introduction to Africana philosophy. The podcasts (and the books) will continue for many years to be the introduction to this rich tradition for many, many people--scholars, students, and lay people alike. When somebody gets around to writing (in book or podcast form) the history of Africana philosophy in the 21st century, they'll be forced to reckon with the towering achievement of this series, the vast influence it'll continue to have, and the great debt they'll owe to you two.

I want also to express my own debt of gratitude. I've enjoyed many hours of silent contemplation while listening to these podcasts, and I can't articulate the impact those hours have had on my development, intellectual and otherwise. Thank you both for teaching me. Thank you for this series. 

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Chike Jeffers on 10 March 2024

What powerful words

Thank you for that prediction and for the kindness in your expression of gratitude.

Cecilia O. on 11 March 2024

Impactful and profound

Congratulations on such a profound and impactful podcast series! Your dedication to introducing Africana philosophy to countless individuals is truly commendable. Your work will undoubtedly leave a lasting legacy, shaping the intellectual landscape for years to come. Thank you for your invaluable contributions and for enriching the lives of so many with your insightful discussions. The world is better for it!

In reply to by Cecilia O.

Chike Jeffers on 1 May 2024

Thank you Cecilia

Thank you for all of your vital support.

Neville Park on 11 March 2024

Thank you!

Thank you for this fantastic series! I wish it could have been longer, but of course it does have to fit in a book. 

I loved Chike's anecdote about his first philosophy conference. 

It's hard to pick out favourite episodes, but for me, the highlights of the 20th century segment were Black theology, the two Táíwòs interviewed at once, Afrofuturism, and the mini-series on Black feminism in the 70's and beyond. 


In reply to by Neville Park

Chike Jeffers on 1 May 2024

Thank you very much

Your encouraging comments as the series went on were greatly appreciated.

dukeofethereal on 25 March 2024

Name of Track + When are the OUP Africana boosk coming?

1. What is the name of the track that played at the end of the episode, have not heard that before, timestamp is 50:55 - 51:07 right before the episode ends with a clip of  St Thomas by Sonny Rollins

2. When is the OUP Africana book (Pre-20th Century book) going to be published? 

In reply to by dukeofethereal

Peter Adamson on 25 March 2024


  1. It is a tribute to Drake that we found by looking on YouTube - probably just reminds you of real Drake.
  2.  The first one is already with the press and going into production and we are working on volume 2 and pretty far along with it. I guess volume 1 will be out this year and maybe 2 will also, but if not then next year.
27 March 2024 on 27 March 2024


I enjoyed the series. Interesting, informative and thought-provking. Some figures I knew nothing about. Some figures I learned a little mre on. A few figures I will look up further: Baron de Vastey, Octavia Butler. The series I imagine will have taken much effort, reading and time. The latter I also imagine you're both short of. It's appreciated. I feel fortunate to have been born at a time with access to things like this, danke :)

In reply to by 27 March 2024

Peter Adamson on 27 March 2024

Africana series

Thanks so much for this generous comment! I learned a lot too, as you might imagine.

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