386. Perhaps Not Wrong: Cornelius Agrippa

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Was Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa a dark magician, a pious skeptic, or both?



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Alex McGregor on 3 January 2022

Philip Marlowe?

At 6:55, I think you meant to refer to Christopher Marlowe? Having said that, the story of Faust would make a good foundation for a Chandler novel...

In reply to by Alex McGregor

Peter Adamson on 3 January 2022


Oh dear! Yes, of course that's right. Thanks, I will change that for the book version.

P. McNamara on 5 January 2022

The rare triple-play

Been listening (and loving) your show for some months, despite not being philosophically minded-- hoping to change that, but it's slow going. That last line got me- what a pun! I actually laughed out loud. 

In reply to by P. McNamara

Peter Adamson on 6 January 2022

Triple pun

Thanks, glad you like the series! I'm guessing that for every listener who enjoys the puns there are five who roll their eyes, so I'm also glad you were in the more select group.

Laurent B on 13 July 2023

Mario Equicola

It’s Mario Equicola not Maria , he was an Italian humanist who defended the status of women.  Really enjoying your series by the way! 

In reply to by Laurent B

Peter Adamson on 13 July 2023


Thanks for the correction! Pity though, one fewer women authors. I will correct that for the book version!

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