201. Stephen Gersh on Medieval Platonism

Posted on 6 December 2014

Stephen Gersh (who was Peter's doctoral advisor!) joins him to discuss the sources and influence of Platonism in the Middle Ages.

Further Reading

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T. Franke 7 December 2014

Besides the various streams of Platonism in the first half of the Middle Ages I found it very interesting that Platonism lived on while Aristotelianism had its heyday - and amazing that the Byzantines made nothing of Plato, although they had Plato in full and in original. How crazy is this?

John Uebersax 10 December 2014

Thank you for an excellent podcast! I certainly learned a lot (including that I've been mispronouncing "Proclus"!)

Did I understand Prof. Gersh as saying that Theodore of Mopsuestia was an important source by which Platonism reached the Middle Ages? If so, I wish I could learn more about that.

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