Classical Indian Philosophy

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In this series of episodes, co-authored with Jonardon Ganeri (Professor of Philosophy at NYU, Visiting Professor at King's College London and Professorial Research Associate at SOAS - and author of numerous books and articles on Indian philosophy), Peter considers the rich philosophical tradition of India. The podcasts cover the first thousand years of the history of Indian philosophy, beginning with Vedic literature (including the Upanisads) and ending with the maturation of Buddhist and Jain thought. This timespan will be divided into three ages: the early period of the Vedas and classical Hindu epics, and the emergence of critique from the Buddhists and Jains; the Age of the Sutra, a period of increasing systematicity in which several schools of thought emerged from the brahminical tradition; and finally a look at the critiques of these schools from the Buddhist and Jain traditions. 

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