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BIG NEWS! With the support of King's College and the LMU in Munich, I have produced a set of ten video lectures on Women Thinkers in Antiquity and the Middle Ages. Available now from iTunesU. It covers female philosophers and mystics in ancient Greece and the Roman Empire, India, Islam, and medieval Christendom. (Maybe I will add an episode on China and East Asia in the future once I actually know something about that.) Enjoy!

Manuel on 28 April 2018

Thank you, that sounds very

Thank you, that sounds very interesting!
Do you have any plans of making the series available outside of iTunesU (e.g. download links or a separate feed)?

As a Linux User I unfortunately do not have access to iTunes.

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Peter Adamson on 29 April 2018

We are also going to put them

We are also going to put them up on YouTube, I think. I will announce once that has happened.

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