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Just so you know what to look forward to, here is a list of the remaining episodes on philosophy in the Islamic world. I posted a list before but have substantially revised it upon further reflection. After this (so at 196) will begin coverage of Latin Christendom.

183 Philosophy at Shiraz

184 GUEST: ROB WISNOVSKY [Commentary Culture]

185 Philosophy under the Safavids

186 Mulla Sadra on Existence

187 Mulla Sadra on Motion and Knowledge

188 GUEST: SAJJAD RIZVI [Mulla Sadra]

189 Philosophy in Islamic India

190 Philosophy in the Ottoman Empire

191 Encounters with European Thought

192 Women and Philosophy in the Islamic World

193 The Heirs of Mullā Ṣadrā

194 Muhammad Abduh and Muhammad Iqbal

195 GUEST: ANKE VON KÜGELGEN [20th c. Philosophy in the Islamic World]

Yannick Kilberger on 5 July 2014

"After this will begin

"After this will begin coverage of Latin Christendom."

And not too soon as Petrarch would have said. I was just reading De Vita Solitaria, book II, and the old boy just let go. Had strong words about Muhammad and the Islamic world in general. The whole outburst comes from nowhere, begins by insulting the kings of Europe, brings an undead Julius Caesar to fray (fighting for Christ instead of adultery this time*), then sheepishly ends in a "ah well, I got sidetracked in a pleasant manner and I daresay you must have enjoyed it. And now, back to buiseness".

* seriously, it's all there!

Heber on 11 August 2014

When will you get to

When will you get to Descartes, Nietzche etc?

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Peter Adamson on 12 August 2014

Well, a long time from now! I

Well, a long time from now! I guess Descartes and other early modern thinkers are about 150 episodes in the future (reckoning about 70 each for Latin medieval and Byzantine plus Renaissance), and goodness knows how far off Nietzsche is. So you'll have to be patient I'm afraid!

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