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Ok folks, BIG NEWS, volume 4 of the podcast books is now out, this one on Medieval Philosophy. And you don't have to wait long for volume 5 on Indian Philosophy, we already are correcting the page proofs...

kubelick on 12 September 2019

a shelfless lover of

a shelfless lover of philosophy specifically and books in general that i am, (accidental and temporary),  i was wondering, if it is at all possible or probable that the volumes wil be available in the immaterial, digital form? 

and peter, i just wanted to thank you for your work. it is a daunting task, i'm sure. and yet you make it sound so effortless.


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Peter Adamson on 13 September 2019

Yes indeed, if you go to the

Yes indeed, if you go to the OUP website you'll see that the volumes are available as e-books as well. Thanks!

George Watson on 23 November 2019

Dear Professor Adamson,  Just

Dear Professor Adamson,  Just received your 4th Volume: Medieval Philosophy and have begun to read it. I do believe there is an error in the Chronology - you have Gottschalk dying around 668, but I think the Creator double presdestined him to die around 868. You mention in your preface Byzantine Philosophy, will Volume 5 cover that period in the History of Philosophy along with Indian Philosophy ?  Thank You, George Watson

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Peter Adamson on 23 November 2019

Oh yes, thanks for catching

Oh yes, thanks for catching that typo. It was here on the website timeline too, just fixed it.

Volume 5 is only Indian philosophy, it is out early 2020. Then there will be a volume combining Byzantine and Italian Renaissance, and a volume on Africana up to 1900 so those are the next two books. Not sure actually which of those will appear first.

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