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Just to say that Oxford University Press has informed me the first volume based on the podcast (which will go up to the students of Plato and Aristotle) will, barring unforeseen delays, appear June 24, 2014. It will first appear as a hardback costing 20 UK pounds which is pretty reasonable for a hardback, and then later as a paperback. I hope that subsequent volumes will appear more or less on a yearly basis.

Andrew on 18 September 2013



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Denziloe on 14 October 2013

Ditto! I think you'll give

Ditto! I think you'll give Mr. Russell a run for his money.

Jay Dermody on 22 October 2013

Great news! It will be nice

Great news! It will be nice to have something physical to give to my son (he's 2 years old) to keep around when technology has moved beyond podcasts.
I can't wait to read it.

Cody Sitton on 30 October 2013

This is going to be awesome..

This is going to be awesome.. I had planned on buying Copleston's series because I've heard it is really good, but I think I might hold off and instead begin my historico-philosophical inquiries with your series! I appreciate the duel podcast/book angle; your podcast series has really invigorated me to read the primary text of some of these authors.

Peter Adamson on 31 October 2013

Thanks! I'm always so pleased

Thanks! I'm always so pleased to hear that people have turned to the original texts after listening to the podcast, that is the ultimate success for the whole project.

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