Ten underappreciated philosophers

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A timeline of ten underappreciated ancient philosophers, which I did for the Oxford University Press blog. HoPWaG listeners, of course, will remember them all...
Philipp Luft on 13 October 2016

I just want to thank you

I just want to thank you Peter for your wonderful  website ! Your podcasts are the antithesis to the  english word "dreadful". I just ordered your latest book on Islamic Philosopy

I  am an astrologer from Vienna. First i was searching for a "donate button"(you should implement one because you deserve support) on your website but could not find one

so i decided to simply order your latest book !


Best Regards from Vienna, Philipp Luft

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Peter Adamson on 13 October 2016

Thanks very much! I don't try

Thanks very much! I don't try to make money off the podcast... apart from the books of course, so thanks for buying one! Glad you like the series (and hope you liked the one back in late antiquity about astrology).

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Philipp Luft on 15 October 2016

    Dear Peter ,

    Dear Peter ,

   I have to check out this podcast  on astrology in late antiquity. Thanks for the hint. Was not yet aware about it although i have listened to a lot of  podcasts on your site.

  I willl definitely check this one out ! 

Best Regards, Philipp Luft

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