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Just a quick note that as usual, the podcast is on summer break for August; we'll return the first Sunday of September with a further installment of our mini-series on Shakespeare (this one will be on the Tempest), followed by a very exciting episode, an interview with the subject of our most recent Africana episode, Ngugi wa Thiong'o! 

Alexander Johnson on 14 August 2023

Break Announcement

on the break announcement on the front page, it says "mini-series on hamlet", i assume that should be on Shakespeare. 

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Peter Adamson on 14 August 2023


Oh yes, thanks! Fixed it.

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Andrew on 19 August 2023


It still says Hamlet on the front page, for me anyway

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Peter Adamson on 19 August 2023

Yet more Hamlet/Shakespeare

Oh I see, thanks - the text was used twice, once here on the blog post and then again on the front page. I'll see if we can fix that too.

Tarun G on 20 August 2023

More Shakespeare

Excited to hear that the next episode is on the Tempest! Do you plan to cover any other philosophy-relevant Shakespeare plays? Of course, his plays can be used as pedagogic starting points for questions, for instance, "Can you really be someone else?" with Twelfth Night and Comedy of Errors, and so on.

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Peter Adamson on 20 August 2023

More Shakespeare

Yes there are two more Shakespeare-themed episodes coming: that one on the Tempest plus one on Macbeth and witchcraft. I agree, I could have done this almost indefinitely and was sort of tempted to! But I think we do need to move on so after the witchcraft episode we're moving on to one on women authors in the English Renaissance and then scholasticism, followed by several episodes looking at aspects of science in Britain in the period. Then, on to Iberia and the Counterreformation!

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