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Last night I flew from the US to Germany and noticed that the guy sitting next to me was looking at another philosophy podcast on his phone. I asked if he knew about HoPWaG; slightly disappointingly he didn't say "oh I love that series!" but he agreed to check it out and listened to the first two episodes during the flight. Welcome to the audience, Nate from the Plane!

Also, I wanted to encourage everyone to check out Hi-Phi Nation, a relatively new podcast that makes philosophy relevant to everyday life, politics, culture and more. Very well produced sort of in the style of This American Life; highly recommended.

18 March 2024 on 18 March 2024

Hi-Phi Nation

I can second the recommendation of the Hi-Phi Nation podcast. Lots of interesting issues covered. A recent one I listened to asked how "probable" does "probable cause" need to be in arresting someone? Examining the inconsistencies and logical holes in the law while doing so. Good listening.

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