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Americans abroad in Germany should check out the "USA" section in the "international foods" part of their local German supermarket. The same place with the opulent honey selection offers, for instance: maple syrup, chocolate pop tarts, popcorn, and muffin and cake mix. I feel there is an implicit moral judgment being made here. And by the way isn't maple syrup Canadian?

Yannick Kilberger on 1 September 2012

You mean like the "UK"

You mean like the "UK" section in France selling mainly Cadbury chocolates, Mc Vities biscuits, Carr's crackers and Dr Pepper?

Still I regard these international sections as a good move towards tolerance and cooperation between nations. I could not help but notice that lately the "Marocco" section lent some space for Chinese tea and Mexican farita kits mingled freely with soy sauce and wasabi...

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Peter Adamson on 1 September 2012

The German supermarket had a

The German supermarket had a UK section too -- mostly crisps (potato chips). What I realize now I will miss a lot is oat cakes. Maybe I should start a food podcast too...

Scooter on 6 September 2012

Actually, as an American I

Actually, as an American I think of Maple Syrup as from Vermont.

Steadfast on 1 October 2012

Isn't Canada part of America?

Isn't Canada part of America? Just not part of the United States.

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Peter Adamson on 1 October 2012

Indeed I believe that the

Indeed I believe that the Germans use "America" to refer to both North and South America. But the maple syrup was in a section labelled with USA flags and so on. I grant that Vermont is reason enough for this though!

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