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Well the time is almost come -- the last podcast for a few weeks has gone up (Plotinus on Evil) and my family and I are moving to Munich this week. I've discovered that moving house is not a friend to the production of philosophy -- not so much a problem with the podcast, since I've got a buffer of scripts written, as with some other writing projects I'm meant to be doing. I did have a chance this spring to write a paper on conceptions of animals in Islamic philosophy and a chapter of my book on Razi, which is coming along more slowly than surely. Maybe it will help when the podcast reaches Islamic philosophy since these research projects and the podcast will be on the same things. (Actually I've also been writing about Neoplatonism and it's been helpful to be doing the scripts on that simultaneously.) I have always thought that teaching something is the best way to get it really into your head, so hopefully the same is true of writing podcasts and eventually I'll have the whole history of philosophy in my head... a nice thought.

Happy August everyone -- I'll try to post on Twitter and Facebook now and again, during the hiatus. And if all goes well there may be some podcast-related videos going onto YouTube during the break!

Yannick Kilberger on 23 July 2012

Good luck for the house

Good luck for the house moving, hope you accomodate well to the continental climate.

See you in september? (or rather "hear")

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Peter Adamson on 23 July 2012

Thanks -- I hope to have the

Thanks -- I hope to have the next episode up maybe the last Sunday of August, actually, so that I don't miss more than a month.

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