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Future co-author of the podcasts on Chinese philosophy, Karyn Lai, has just posted on the APA Blog to suggest ways of integrating Chinese thought into philosophy teaching. This follows up on Jonardon Ganeri's post on Indian philosophy and mine on Islamic philosophy. Hope these posts will prove useful and perhaps even inspirational!

Karl Young on 25 November 2018


Hey Peter,

The news that you and Karyn Lai will be teaching a segment on Chinese philosophy is really exciting. And after reading her APA blog post I got even more excited. I’ve long had this big, impossible for me to articulate, blob of ideas running around my brain that the way through the current science/religion polemics is via the adoption of something like Tim Mulgan’s ananthropocentric purposivism, with the purpose being, ala David Cooper, fundamentally ineffable. And in an equally boneheaded and hard for me to elaborate manner I’ve always had the feeling that the Taoists may have provided some of the most fundamental insights in support of this type of view. Seeing that Professor Lai has written on the subject of skepticism and Taoism, I’m hoping that maybe the sections you do on Taoism might provide me with some insight (though in the meantime I’ll probably try to track her paper down).

Cheers and enjoying the show as always (though having to adjust to a much different pace since I’ve been caught up !)

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Peter Adamson on 6 January 2019

Thanks! I am also looking

Thanks! I am also looking forward to it.

austin on 3 January 2019

very excited for the upcoming

very excited for the upcoming episodes on chinese philosophy... please do an interview with red pine / bill porter 

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Karl Young on 11 January 2019

I second the request for an

I second the request for an interview with Porter provided you can find the time (though my impression is that at this point he's a bit reclusive, sort of like some of the hermit sages he's written about) - he's one of my heros and as well as doing penetrating translations, has written widely on Taoist and Buddhist history, particularly from the fascinating perspective of sort of hyper educated travelogues, visiting many of the historical sites. In partcular I vote for an interview focusing on Hanshan (one of the great hermit sages he translated and wrote about). 

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