I discuss Machiavelli in Terrible Leaders, part 2

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Can't wait for me to get to Machiavelli? Well you don't have to: I discuss him (and whether he really thought the best ruler would be a terrible one) in the first segment of this installment of the History Podcasters collage: "Terrible Rulers, Part 2" (of 3 parts). Also a good chance to discover other history podcasts.

Tahafut Al-Ta… on 18 August 2014

so 2 basic questions: 1. For

so 2 basic questions:

1. For a podcast fan who has finally caught up can you either post new comments highlighting a specific area of study (not things like epistemology but instead instead something like theosophy/the problem of evil or other subjects of similar value in philosophy. As someone re-listening to the podcast it would be nice to do a thematic listen through (by the way you are too harsh on your own criticisms of the pre-socractic philosophers podcasts (I found the Heraclitus and parmenidian podcasts very useful on a second listen).

*also if you could highlight podcasts that will be important in soon to be released podcasts that would also be great.

and #2. how many people have you convinced to listen to this podcast/stay committed to it? Feel free not to answer this one but I'm interested nonetheless.

All the best,

a fanatic.

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Peter Adamson on 19 August 2014

Glad you like the series! Re.

Glad you like the series! Re. 1, I actually post lists of forthcoming episodes already, both on Facebook and the blog. Still working on the list for the upcoming episodes on early medieval philosophy but that should go out soon. I actually have thought about posting lists of episodes by theme, like what to listen to if you are interested specifically in the problem of evil. But that would be hard since so many episodes cover numerous themes; the ones with a really strong thematic focus usually say that in the title.

Re. 2, I don't really know! For various reasons, for instance one can download an episode without listening to it, or one person can download multiple times for several devices. But the total number of downloads and page views for all episodes is more than 5 million at the moment, for whatever that's worth.

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