336. We Built This City: Christine de Pizan

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Christine de Pizan's political philosophy, epistemology, and the refutation of misogyny in her "City of Ladies".



Further Reading

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Xaratustrah on 21 November 2019

Intellectual women

very nice episode indeed. You mentioned Christine de Pizan having said back in 1410 CE or so that women can reach the same intellectual level if they could go to school, can you provide the exact citation and or reference?


In reply to by Xaratustrah

Peter Adamson on 21 November 2019

Christine de Pizan reference

That is at City of Ladies §1.27.1, in the translation included in the further reading above. Glad you liked the episode!

Pat Daley on 1 December 2019

BBC Drama

A few years ago, there was a drama series on the Book of the City of Ladies which I thought was quite amusing.  It motivated me to buy the Penguin book.  Unfortunately, the series is not currently available.


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