What to expect when you're expecting the British Reformation

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Since we are moving towards the end of our coverage of the Renaissance and Reformation in France, I thought I would divulge plans for the miniseries Britain in the same period (15-16th centuries). Comments and suggestions more than welcome! These episodes will kick off on March 12, 2023, if all goes according to plan. Note: interviews are not included in this list, only scripted episodes,

The English and Scottish Reformations
Scholasticism in Britain (e.g. John Mair, John Case)
British Humanism
Thomas More
Political Thought in the British Reformation (e.g. John Knox, Richard Hooker)
English literature (e.g. Edmund Spenser, Philip Sidney)
Shakespeare and Philosophy
Shakespeare’s Tempest
Devotional literature by women (e.g. Margery Kempe, Anne Locke)
Northumberland Circle (Walter Warner, Nicholas Hill, Thomas Harriot)
Theories of vision
William Gilbert
John Dee
Robert Fludd

Aviva on 25 November 2022


I would love to listen to an episode on Thomas Elyot.

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Peter Adamson on 25 November 2022


Oh thanks for the suggestion! I should be able to get him into the British Humanism episode.

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