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As my summer break draws to an end I thought you might like to see what I'm planning for the upcoming series of episodes on philosophy in Muslim-controlled Spain and Portugal (Andalusia). This will look first at Muslim, then Jewish, thinkers in this sphere, and also venture a bit outside it to cover e.g. the reactions to Averroes and Maimonides among Jewish philosophers in Provence. There will also be several interview episodes, but they are not listed here. Comments welcome! Many of the scripts are written but I can still make changes. All of this by the way will follow the remaining episodes on Avicenna and then three episodes on al Ghazali.


Ibn Hazm and Islamic Legal Theory

Ibn Bajja and Ibn Tufayl

Averroes on Reason and Religion

Averroes on the Intellect

Ibn ‘Arabi and Sufism

Ibn Khaldun

Ibn Gabirol

Judah Halevi

Ibn Paquda and Ethics in Judaism

Ibn Daud, Abraham Ibn Ezra and Science in Judaism


Maimonides on Eternity


Jewish Thinkers on the Book of Job

The Maimonidean Controversy

Hasdai Crescas


Gene Hamill on 3 November 2013

Only two on Averroes? A

Only two on Averroes? A disappointment, but I bet you know what you're doing. I should read the website more, but I really just listen to the podcasts. I've listened to them all at least once. I bet on average I've listened to each one 3.4 times. Thanks for all your work.

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Peter Adamson on 3 November 2013

Wow, that's great - glad they

Wow, that's great - glad they bear repeated listening! There will also be an interview episode about Averroes, actually, so three in total. Plus he will come up again in the future, when we look at Jewish and much later Latin Christian response to Averroes.

Gene Hamill on 3 November 2013

Thanks for the response and

Thanks for the response and for the podcast. Some I listen to again because I like the topics so much and like to be familiar with the ideas, like the Plato and Aristotle episodes. For topics I'm totally unfamiliar with, like the philosophy of the Muslim world up to now, it takes more than one hearing for the material to penetrate.

Hermes on 24 November 2013

The Andalusia episodes so far

The Andalusia episodes so far are great. Thank you very much. Looking forward to the Byzantine episodes and Theodora of Smyrna, Psellus, Gregoras and so on.

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