Normore on logic and the history of philosophy

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I came across this nice interview with Calvin Normore, which includes some ruminations on the history of philosophy that warmed my heart: "there is a way in which a historian of Philosophy has answerable to the discipline of History, but also to the discipline of Philosophy. You have to be doing Philosophy: you can’t even understand the history, typically, unless you do the philosophy well. There’s something quite exciting about encountering ideas that are not part of the current philosophical landscape but you realise could be, as well as what got me into it – encountering ideas that were part of the contemporary philosophical landscape, but really hadn’t been explored yet very much. I don’t see any particular problem in housing a historian of Philosophy in a History Department, but I don’t see any reason to think that a historian of Philosophy couldn’t just as well be in a Philosophy Department. Nor do I see any problem in thinking that contemporary Philosophy can be informed by ideas that come from doing the History of Philosophy."

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