Here comes 2017

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Seems I haven't posted here for a while, sorry! Soon I will finish up the series of occasional posts of "rules for the history of philosophy" and also post them as one complete list. Also coming up in 2017 on the podcast: the rest of the series on ancient Indian philosophy, co-authored with Jonardon Ganeri, followed (in early 2018, I think) by Africana philosophy co-authored with Chike Jeffers. 2017 should also see us conclude the series on medieval philosophy as we go up to the end of the 14th century, before circling back to discuss medieval Byzantine philosophy (about 15 episodes). That means we will get to the Renaissance in 2018. So lots to look forward to!

Beyond that, thanks so much for listening - keep the comments and suggestions coming in, and see you next year! The first episode of 2017 will actually appear on New Year's Day, and be devoted to one of my favorite authors: Dante.

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