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As my summer break approaches, I am now working on the episodes that will appear after the break (starting Sept 20). That means Indian philosophy! The basis for these is the drafts that Jonardon Ganeri has already written - which are fantastic - but I am adding more material plus the occasional head-smackingly bad joke, just to make sure listeners feel at home. It's already been a real education reading up on things like ancient Indian history and the Upanisads. Pronouncing Sanskrit words is also going to be an adventure. As we get closer to the time, I will post a planned list of opening episodes on Indian philosophy, dealing with the early period (Vedic literature, and the emergence of the Buddhist and Jaina traditions).

At the same time I'm also plowing on with episodes for medieval - the most recent script I wrote was on two Beguine mystics, Hadewijch and Mechtild of Magdeburg, who make for a refreshing break from all the scholastics and are amazingly interesting. Next up for me is Robert Kilwardby, then other Dominicans: Albert the Great and you-know-who (no, not Voldemort, I mean Aquinas).

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