289. A Wing and a Prayer: Angels in Medieval Philosophy

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Be surprised by how many philosophical problems arise in connection with angels (how many can dance on the head of a pin is not one of them).



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mehmet on 28 November 2017

dear peter,

dear peter,

I am sure you have already recorded all the remaining medieval episodes, but I cannot stop thinking that a final issue listing and summarizing all the major controversies of medieval philosopy would be very nice. Right now only two pops into my mind:

1. realism vs. nominalism

2. intellectualism vs. voluntarism.

3. ????????

I remember I have seen such a list of debates of medieval philosophy years before but I cannot remember where..

In reply to by mehmet

Peter Adamson on 28 November 2017


There is actually a book called Debates in Medieval Philosophy though if I remember rightly that is more like debates over how to interpret the historical texts. In any case I guess that one could add e.g. unicity vs pluralism regarding the soul, secular vs hierocratic political theories, this-worldly-happiness ethical theories vs afterlife-happiness theories, empiricism vs illuminationism in epistemology, deterministic vs non deterministic accounts of grace, and probably lots of others.

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