408. Constitutional Conventions: the Huguenots

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Protestant French thinkers like François Hotman and Theodore Beza propose a radical political philosophy: the king rules at the pleasure of his subjects.



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Phillip Pomfret on 7 March 2023

Episode 408.

Is it possible to get the text of this episode? On the episodes that I have most interest in, you have such a huge amount of information to get across, I find your speech a little to fast to keep up with. 

Thank you for your work, I have listened to all 408 episodes to date.

WG on 27 April 2023

Are you a Socrates or a Hotman?

Finally, a philosopher who cares about how he looks.

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Peter Adamson on 28 April 2023


Ha! I thought about doing a joke along those lines but your version is better than anything I came up with.

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