39. Doris Garraway on the Haitian Revolution

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An interview with Doris Garraway on the background, intellectual basis, and legacy of the Haitian Revolution.



Further Reading

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austin on 26 August 2020

This is such a good interview

This is such a good interview, Dr. Garraway puts these concepts and segments of history in such a clear manner, thank you!

I'm wondering if in the Americas, specifically the Carribean, if there was any sort intersectional solidarity with Indigenous Peoples during these struggles for abolition and after? In the Caribbean, were the Indegenous Peoples mostly eradicated by the time slavery was at it's apex in the colonies? The word "Haiti", as I understand, comes from a word the Taíno people used to call the land.

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Peter Adamson on 26 August 2020


Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed the interview! I think the answer as far as Haiti is concerned is that the indigenous population had indeed been mostly destroyed by colonialism (combination of maltreatment and disease). This will come up again pretty soon when we talk about Brazil.

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