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Hello and thank you for visiting the website and, indeed, blog of the History of Philosophy podcast! Along with our Facebook page this website will provide you with a chance to have your say about the History of Philosophy. As I mention in the episodes on Plato, there is good reason for thinking that philosophy is done in dialogue and not in monologue. So please leave your comments on this site and check my blog for what I hope will be regular updates about the podcast, and anything else regarding the history of philosophy that comes into my head.

Don Deighton on 15 February 2011

Concerning the two episodes

Concerning the two episodes on Heraclitus, it seems to me that he was on about Fire and Flux simply because nothing moves without energy as symbolized by Fire. Furthermore, Flux is just another word for Change or Time. Everything is changing from moment to moment, from the past to the future, from one thing into another, and from new to old, but it couldn't do so without Fire.

Thanks for this. I look forward to the remaining episodes.

Dwight on 18 February 2011

This looks great! I'm

This looks great! I'm planning on reading though some of Plato this year and can use all the help I can get. Looking forward to listening.

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