SIHSPAI in Munich this summer

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We are pleased to announce that the International Society for the History of Arabic and Islamic Science and Philosophy (SIHSPAI) will hold its 11th international colloquium in Munich, on September 6-8, 2023.
The title of the meeting is Reason and Nature: Science, Philosophy and Theology in Classical and Post-Classical Islam.
I'm hosting the conference together with the SIHSPAI leadership here at the LMU in Munich.
Those interested in speaking at the event should send a title and an abstract, between 150-300 words, to by 30 April. Please note that only current members of SIHSPAI may speak at the event; but it is possible to join the Society in order to take part. For information on this go to:
Travel and accomodation costs can unfortunately not be covered by the Society, but if this presents a problem for you please let us know, since it may be possible to help with costs for those who do not have institutional support to attend.
For any further information, please contact us either at the SIHSPAI address ( or directly at and

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