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I'll be doing an online discussion with Asad Ahmed about his fantastic book "Palimpsests of Themselves: Logic and Commentary in Postclassical Muslim South Asia," this coming Wednesday, Nov 16. Come join us!
Christopher Geary on 15 November 2022


Dear Peter,

I'm a huge fan of this show and really appreciate all your work on it.

I wanted to let you know that academic workers (grads, researchers, postdocs) at the University of California are currently on strike as of today. We're encouraging scholars at other institutions to reschedule or cancel events (including online ones) hosted at the UC while we remain on strike. Given that this talk is going to be hosted by UC Berkeley's Townsend Center, would you consider rescheduling it until after our strike?

All the very best, and with tons of gratitude for all I've learnt here over the years!


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Peter Adamson on 15 November 2022


Oh, I didn't know about that. I'll ask the organizers what they want to do.

Glad you have enjoyed the podcast!

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Peter Adamson on 16 November 2022


Just to say I checked and the organizers and Prof Ahmed feel this doesn't fall under the strike since it is a purely online event and not university business - it is just to bring attention to Prof Ahmed's awesome new book which I heartily recommend - so the event will go ahead as planned.

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