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I have been preparing the book version of the scripts on medieval philosophy as I went along, and it is now done! I just submitted it to Oxford University Press. It will be 77 chapters long and be based on the scripts running from episodes 196-300, omitting the interviews of course. I hope it will be out in late 2018.

Paperbacks of volumes 2 and 3 are by the way coming out any time now, and you can already order them on the OUP website.

VP on 3 April 2018



excited as I am, though, I'm really excited about [hopefully] the forthcoming Philosophy of India book/vol5 :D any possible date on that one?

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Peter Adamson on 4 April 2018

Thanks, glad you are excited

Thanks, glad you are excited about that too! Probably 2019, Jonardon and I are hoping to revise the scripts for the book version this summer.

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