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I thought it might be useful if I put together a list of links to other podcasts where I have appeared as a guest. I'll update this blog post if there are further appearances, and put up a link to this page on "Links".

Abbasid History Podcast: on al-Razi

Bottled Petrichor: Philosophy and Theology in Islam

Ancient Greece Declassified: on Aristotle

Bavarian Academy of Sciences: about all kinds of stuff (in German)

Blogging Theology: On Islamic Philosophy; On the Eternity of the Universe; and Ibn Rushd

Dogs with Horses: On Authority and Scholasticism

Erzähl mir eine Geschichte: Von den Griechen lernen (Interview in German about the Arabic reception of Greek thought)

Elucidations: on al-Kindi

Geister - der Philosophie Podcast: The Beginnings of Philosophy (in German)

History of Alchemy: on Neoplatonism, al-Razi and al-Farabi

History of Byzantium: on Michael Psellos

History of India: chat with Kit Patrick, who has also appeared here on HoPWaG (India episode 62)

Human Podcast with Joe Murray: interview on my career trajectory and the podcast

In Our Time on BBC Radio 4: on Averroes, Avicenna, al-Ghazali, Greek-Arabic Translations, Heraclitus, Maimonides, Neoplatonism.

Ink & Insights (from Nepal): On the contemporary relevance of philosophy 

Ipse Dixit: on Authority and Belief in Islamic Law

Love and its Discontents: on Love in Greek Philosophy

Meeting in the Middle Ages: On the Podcast and Authority and Belief

New Books on Hindu Studies: on Classical Indian Philosophy, which is vol.5 of the HoPWaG series, co-authored with Jonardon Ganeri.

New Books Network: on HoPWaG: Philosophy in the Islamic World (December 2019) and on Ibn Sīnā (Avicenna): a Very Short Introduction (September 2023)

New Books in Medieval History: on "Don't Think for Yourself: Authority and Belief in Medieval Philosophy" which you can see here

Pangburn Hangout: on Philosophy in the Reformation (mostly)

Panpsycast podcast: Women in the history of philosophy

Partially Examined Life podcast: on Parmenides, Avicenna, and Ficino

Philosopher's Zone from ABC in Australia: Averroes, Greek and Arabic, and Plotinus

Philosophy Bites: on Avicenna's flying man argument, Avicenna on God, and Plotinus on evil

Political Philosophy Podcast: on The First Philosophers

Present Danger - a History of Free Speech: on freedom of speech in the Islamic world

Robinson's Podcast: on Philosophy in the Islamic World; and on Neoplatonism

Secret History of Western Esotericism: on Plato and Proclus in Arabic

Slowdown podcast: on How to Form Beliefs

South Asian and Africana philosophies, from the University of Oxford (with Chike Jeffers)

Talking About Organizations: on Xenophon's "On Household Management"

We Need to Talk: about history of philosophy.


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