Audiobook: VSI Philosophy in the Islamic World

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My "Very Brief Introduction to Philosophy in the Islamic World" is now available as an audiobook! Not read by me, which might be a relief after all those podcasts...
Eduardo on 28 November 2021

The next books in the series

That´s no doubt amazing news, professor Adamson, but it also makes me wonder, how is it going with the next volumes in the series? Is everything still in order for the book on Byzantium and the Renaissance to be released in february? And what about the first volume on Africana Philosophy? I thought this one would be already available by now since it´s almost a year since you guys finished that part of the series.

Thank you very much for the great job you are doing!

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Peter Adamson on 28 November 2021

Next books

From this I infer you have never tried to publish a book! But seriously, it does sometimes take a while. In this case the Byzantium/Renaissance volume is indeed on the way, I have already corrected the page proofs so it can appear in early 2022 as planned. We are still revising the manuscript for Africana vol.1, but I hope that that can be out still in late 2022 or early 2023.

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