The world's top 20 thinkers... and who's that on the list?!

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I'm pleased and, to be honest, a little flabbergasted to have made Prospect Magazine's list of "The world’s top 50 thinkers 2021":…

You can vote for me, or more reasonably, one of the other 49 nominees, at the same link.

Dan Unger on 14 July 2021


Much deserved!  Serendipitously, and delightfully, I have your "Classical Philosophy" volume next to Robert Tombs's "The English and Their History" on my nightstand.  I of course prioritize reading yours, given its superior ratio of Buster Keaton references to overall word count. 

Matthew D Mahler on 12 August 2021

Awesome Thinking, Great Job!

You deserve it! Thank you for everything

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