Women Intellectuals in Antiquity final program

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Here now is the (hopefully) final version of the program for our conference on Women Intellectuals in Antiquity, at Keble College Oxford, Feb 15-16.
Note the link at the bottom for registration.

Saturday 15 February 2020


9.15am Registration and Coffee/Tea


9.45am Welcome

Jenny Rallens (University of Oxford), Katharine O’Reilly (King’s College London), and Peter Adamson (LMU Munich)


10am Session 1

Session Chair: TBC

10-10.30: Paper 1: Aiste Celkyte (Utrecht University), ‘Lost and Found: Hypatia's Philosophical Views’

10.30-50: Q&A


10.50-11.20: Paper 2: Maria Protopapa (Academy of Athens), 'Cynic Women on Philosophy (The Case of Hipparchia)'

11.20-11.40: Q&A


11.40-12: Break


12-1pm Keynote

Danielle A. Layne (Gonzaga University), ‘The Platonic Priestess: Erotic Pedagogues from Diotima to Asclepigenia’


1-2pm: Lunch


2pm Session 2

Session Chair: MM McCabe (King’s College London, UCL, Cambridge)

2-2.30: Paper 3: Kelly Arenson (Duquesne University),'Ancient Women Epicureans and their Anti-Hedonist Critics'

2.30-50: Q&A


2.50-3.20: Paper 4: Kate M. Brassel (Columbia University), 'Recovering the Stoic Woman: Megara and Roman virtus'

3.20-3.40: Q&A


3.40-4pm: Break


4pm Session 3

4-5.30: Giulia De Cesaris (Durham University), Phillip Sidney Horky (Durham University), Caterina Pellò (Cambridge University), Panel: ‘Perictione, Mother of Metaphysics: A Female Theory of Wisdom’

Q&A: 5.30-6pm

Sunday 16 February 2020


9.15am Registration and Coffee/Tea


9.30am Session 4

Session Chair: TBC

9.30-10am: Paper 5: Thornton Lockwood (Quinnipiac University), ‘Artemisia of Halicarnassus: Virile woman or female intellectual?'

10-10.20: Q&A


10.20-10.50: Paper 6: Pieta Päällysaho (University of Jyväskylä), ‘Apples, headbands, and fire under the skin – Sappho’s philosophical materialism’

10.50-11: Q&A


11-11.20: Break


11.20 Session 5

Session Chair: Dawn Teresa LaValle (Australian Catholic University)

11.20-11.50: Paper 7: Anne Jaap Jacobson (University of Oxford), ‘Enheduanna and the women’s literature of early Mesopotamia’

11.50-12.10: Q&A


12.10-40: Paper 8: Mali Skotheim (Warburg Institute, London), ‘Submerged among the Fragments: Female Historians in the Roman Empire’

12.40-1pm: Q&A


1-2pm: Lunch


2-3pm Keynote

Sophia Connell (Birkbeck College, University of London), ‘Women’s Medical Knowledge in Antiquity: Beyond Midwifery’


3-3.10: Break


3.10 Session 6

Session Chair: Armand D'Angour (University of Oxford)

3.10-4.20: Laura Viidebaum (New York University), Marguerite Johnson (Newcastle University), Amanda Roberts (Carleton University), Joanne Waugh (University of South Florida), Panel: ‘Aspasia and Diotima’

4.20-5pm: Q&A


Conference ends.


Please follow the link to register. 

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