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Hi all - still no new episode today as the summer break continues. Instead here is a look ahead to what you can expect in the first batch of episodes on Indian philosophy (co-authored with Jonardon Ganeri), which I’ll be releasing on alternate Sundays starting Sept 20. This is a tentative list and doesn’t include the interviews we have planned.

Introduction to Indian Philosophy
Historical Overview (periods of Indian thought from antiquity to 20th century)
India in the Vedic Period
The Upaniṣads (3 episodes)
Language in the Grammar of Pāṇini and his Commentators
Challenges to the Brahmanic culture: Buddhists and Jainas
The Buddha (2 episodes)
Political Thought (Aśoka and the Arthaśāstra of Kauṭilya)
The Mahābhārata (2 episodes)
Women philosophers in the Upaniṣads and Mahābhārata

...with more to come after that of course, moving on to the philosophy of the Sutras.

And I’ll also still be telling the story of Latin medieval philosophy in alternating weeks, starting Sept 27 with an episode on Hadewijch and Mechthild of Magdeburg.

Steve C on 4 September 2015

Do we come across the term

Do we come across the term Docta  Ignorantia in medieval Philosophy?

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Peter Adamson on 5 September 2015

Do you mean before Nicholas

Do you mean before Nicholas of Cusa? (i.e. you're counting him as post-medieval) I actually don't know whether that exact phrase is used earlier but the basic idea is clearly there in e.g. Ps-Dionysius, Maimonides, etc.

Evelyn C. Leeper on 20 September 2015

Would it be possible to put a

Would it be possible to put a different icon/artwork on the "History of Philosophy in India" than on the "History of Philosophy Without Any Gaps"?  It would make it easier to identify which is which on an iPod or wherever.

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Peter Adamson on 22 September 2015

Just an update - thanks for

Just an update - thanks for encouraging me to do that, we've put a new logo on the first episode and the feed so you should see that from now on.

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Evelyn C. Leeper on 22 September 2015

Excellent--the style

Excellent--the style indicates it is part of the HoPWAG series, but still identifies it as a separate thread in iTunes, etc.  Looking forward to it!

Peter Adamson on 20 September 2015

Yes, I was thinking about

Yes, I was thinking about that too... my initial thought was that I wanted to avoid making it seem like it was not part of the same project/series, since it is. But I agree it is a bit confusing, e.g. on iTunes. I will see what I can do.

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